Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Voki for Education" Launches!

The moment has arrived, and the new Voki for Education is finally here!  As one of their "Voki Ambassadors," I helped give the site valuable input for their relaunch.  Last summer I created a Voki avatar give a tour of my class web page.
Here are some of the new features detailed in an email sent to me today:
  • Sharing. We’ve added many sharing/publishing options, as well as a “Voki link” which will enable users to share a simple URL to a Voki page, where we will host the scene for them. This means that users no longer need access to a website or blog to share their Voki. We will also include custom links for educational partners, such as SymbalooEdu.
  • Voki for Education Welcome page. This is an introduction page to Voki for Education, which includes links to other relevant pages. This page will soon be updated to include a Voki scene and social media feeds.
  • Lesson Plan Database.
  • Teacher’s Corner. Here, teachers and experienced users will be able to discuss anything related to Voki. One area within the Teacher’s Corner will be the Newbie’s Corner.
  •  New FAQ. This is simply an updated FAQ section.
  • Voki is remaining Free for everyone. Currently, Voki is also remaining Ad-Free
Here is the link: