Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Class-Created iPad Book Now Live in the iBookstore!

Our class-created book, The Corns Visit the 13 Colonies, is now live (and, global... in 50 countries!) in Apple's iBookstore! 
The Corns Visit the 13 Colonies - Matthew Farber
Our book, which is historical fictional, follows Damitria the Unicorn, Henrietta the Hippocorn, and Willamina the Shnoopacorn on an exciting trip back in time to visit the original 13 American colonies!  The book features multi-touch widgets, like 3D movable colonial buildings, photo galleries, an interactive student-created glossary, puzzles, a sketchpad, and original artwork! 
Each chapter and section is the result of collaboration from my 2nd period seventh grade social studies class.  Students researched and wrote in groups, chose copyright-friendly photos, and created the overall concept.  I edited and compiled using the free Mac app, iBooks Author, on my MacBook.  Each student receives writing credit on page 40 of the book (thanks to each parent for granting written permission).
The book is a FREE iPad download.  If you have an iPad, or know someone who does, please download it!  The students are really proud of their accomplishment!