Friday, September 25, 2009

Amazing Race WebQuest (6th Grade)

Today, both 6th Grade classes finished the Amazing Race 5-Themes of Geography WebQuest.
Here are the final standings:
1st Period:
1st Place: The Explorers
2nd Place: Terrific Trio
3rd Place: Kung Fu Pandas
4th Place: Global Runners
5th Place: Blazin' Blue
6th Place: KMK Adventure Group

4th Period:
1st Place: The Flaming Monkeys
2nd Place: Pink Fuzzy Bears
3rd Place: The Fast & The Furious
4th Place: The Researchers
5th Place: Tigers
6th Place: Vikings
7th Place: Apple Saucers

Congratulations to each team! Travel Journals based on each adventure will be posted next week!